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WERE YOU SEARCHING FOR KYOUKA WHEN YOU SAW THAT? Because I was just trynna see what he looked like and it popped up and I snorted LOOOOOL

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So I was on a forum and they were talking about that dude and it was some girls do. Also are you kidding? Their tweets were making it sound like it but then the ends of the tweets kept being like stay with vrzel for 5 more years! And so i thought it was just translating it all wonky!!!! Like they were apologizing at the beginning of the tweets and my heart went down south but then i was like oh, it's ok. It just translated weird! I might cry right now! It's kyuu Chan's fault! It's actually shosuke's fault because he got married and nothing is kyuu Chan's fault!!!! I'm cry right now!!!!

So what I can get out of it is their contracts are up and they are deciding not to renew. Shosuk is saying don't worry, you'll see us later, so like... him and kyuu chan better be in the same band again. But koich kun :((((( We need him too. Like I am so sad right now what the hell. The old husb is all trying to write his daily thing and he just feels so sad and I hate VRZEL right now :((((( why they do this.

Kira just said on Insta he got in a fight with a member! Wah! I'm home but I'm checking the air in the tires! I'll reply more in a bit!!

WUUUUUT So it was Kira's fault!? OF COURSE IT WAS KIRA XDDDDDD well why don't they just replace him...? oh I don't know! The old man is like gonna have a heart attack if they split up Shosuk and Kyuu chan.

haha that is EXACTLY what i said! i was like mmmmyup!!!!!! kira is yoko and he can go to hell! of COURSE it was him. i'm sure he'll say it was whoever he fought with's fault, but he just seems like such a diva betch! if him and shosuk aren't together, then we'll straight up know it was them because they are who i suspect more than anyone and him and shosuk have been together since the BEGINNING OF 12 YEAR OLD TIME!!! like, they have legit been together since before in another shitty band that didn't even get famous at all. so if THEY'RE not together, it was totes them.
dude...so shosuke said "that's shitty, but i don't really care as long as I'm still with Kyuu-chan" and Kyuu-chan like, snorted and said "I don't care if I'm with you at all. I just want to be with koichi-nii" and Shosuke looked like he was gonna cry and he said "Kyuu-chan...please don't say that. And honestly, my fc and Koichi's fc have known each other WAY longer than yours and his, so most likely he would go with mine" and Kyuu-chan said rolled his eyes and said "his fc obviously adores mine, so whatever" and shosuk is sad about it but it's drama for me!! yay!!! :)

Yeah seriously they have known each other forfreakingever. So yeah, if they aren't together after this... then we know what happened. OH MY GOD like red alert, this old man is legit going to have a heart attack. he's freaking out. He's like one of those parents that adopts a russian kid and they really love their kid but they're like "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO" and all his kids are like that but Kyuu chan isn't actually his kid so he's super frantic about it LOOOOL You'd love this drams, too. I think he might have to go to Shosuk soon. He's having some drams over them right now lol
also eat pant. this just happened after i posted it
[‎4/‎11/‎2018 10:58 AM] Rory Tarics:
[‎4/‎11/‎2018 10:58 AM] Alexis Anderton:
[‎4/‎11/‎2018 10:58 AM] Tatyana Carrillo:
(rofl)(rofl) Tara
[‎4/‎11/‎2018 10:58 AM] Conner Dunford:
Oh that's great XD

haha, so their email subject today is eat pant, so i have 2 tabs open that are named eat pant and it just keeps making me laugh!!
yeah, EXACTLY! seriously, i am kind a hoping that they AREN'T together just so we can be like YUP! cuz cion seems like a good time and everything, but he seems like he could be a BETCH if you piss him off. so i can see that not working out after so long of them being together. i am really hoping they're not together because...i don't wanna admit it but i want kyuu chan and shosuke to stay together! they're such cutie friends! and like, in EVERY group pic they're always being ADORBS with each other and it's just...i don't want them to not be friends anymore :( waaaah! hahahaha oh my god! like, it's good for meh drams, but i REALLY want them to still be together! like, they NEED to be! i just...i need them to be. i hope that kira goes wherever the fuck else and EVERYONE else stays together! that's what i hope! friggin a, vrzel! why you do this to me?!?!?!?! hahaha i'm sorry my good friend! i feel your pain right now, just not on such an intense, personal level!!!!!!!!!

EAT PANT. Sebastien told his dad that when he came to tell him it was time for school loooool
Yeah I'm with you, I need them to be friend. They're so freaking cute and always being cute and hanging on each other and everything and they need to keep doing that and our shosuk and kyuu chan can eventually make up because i feel second hand stress from that looooool halp meh plz.

hahaha oh sebastch!!!!!!
so, shittily enough, i've been noticing that they're not doing it lately. they legit used to do it in LITERALLY every single group photo and i have been like "why aren't they even standing by each other?" like, SOOOO much lately. so...it's a bit troubling. i really hope it's not the case because...like, i need this. they're adorable. and like...i'm not even gon lie...i like the drama. like, you know i love that shit, but i can get it elsewhere, def. like, there's enough dramz to go AROUND in these parts. i can even cause some if i so choose. i would rather they just make up now, haha. like, they're cutie and since they came here, they've been the cutiest friends of ever and like...it's so wrong now! i don't like it, my dude. like, eat pant to this whole situation!

Yeah it's true, i've noticed that, too. I just wish they would post a pic that would make me go oh yeah, there they are, okay. oh yeah they'll be fine XD like i need them to! And I need shosuk and kyuu chan to! LOOOL the old husb said "I'm going to divorce him if that's what it takes. I mean he is still my love, but I swear I will divorce him' LOOOOOOOL

me fuckin too! like, pls! post a bff post! just so everyone is like whew! at least they're ok~! c'mon~!!!!!!!!!! it ain't too much to ask for, my cute little hoe bags!
hahahaha no good friend! don't do anything drastic yet! i will tell you right now what will happen if you do that. kyuu-chan will say "oh, so your husband divorced you, so you came crawling back to me" hahahahaha! don't do that! you just wait. we'll figure something out!

Dang i'm suddenly caught up in mentor stuff even though i thought i was doing calls the rest of the day XD but that's what SIn told him lOOOOOL he was like "from one overkill about another, you will only make this grow stronger" XDDDDD

hahaha yep! just leave it! LEAVE IT!!!!!!! i will gasp very loudly if you don't leave it! :P
oh wow, caught you being a mentor! well, i went to the rooftops vid on youtube solely to read the comments and i have to show you this comment on it. i wanted to die laughing
Interviewer: "What's your favorite chord, Ian?

Ian : "A Minor."
a;lskdjf;lakdjf hahahahahahaha! funny not funny! some other guy re-did the lyrics of the ENTIRE song about ian getting ass raped in prison. it was so funny. oh my god! and then there are the random people like, can someone fill me in? why is everyone mad at him? hahaha! HELLO!??!?!?! get with the times!

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