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Hey, this is Taeyong
billy_gerardluv might be hard and like, obnoxious and so possibly it will be a little spendy, but that's okay.  I was wondering if there was any way that you thought you could make The Doubtful Guest? Like, with a long scarf and I want to buy some little white canvas high tops if I can find some and...I dunno.  If you can't or don't want to, that's ok.  I just think my little husband would really love it :)

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That's so funny because I said but what color is the scarf? and Sin hyung said for some reason it's Gryffindor to me hahaha they were on the same wavelength I think :P
Okay let's go to Joann's to get it because walmart ain't got shit for good yarn choices! And I think I have a coupon for joann's too :D we can go this weekend if you want or if you want it sooner, I'm not working on anything so we can go whenever or if you even want to go to wally and see if they have what we need, then go to joann's later if they don't or-- just whatever haha my Kai just told me to take a deep breath and chill out but I just wanted to let you know whenever/whatever is fine. I have an empty ass crochet schedule right now.

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