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Hey, this is Taeyong
billy_gerardluv might be hard and like, obnoxious and so possibly it will be a little spendy, but that's okay.  I was wondering if there was any way that you thought you could make The Doubtful Guest? Like, with a long scarf and I want to buy some little white canvas high tops if I can find some and...I dunno.  If you can't or don't want to, that's ok.  I just think my little husband would really love it :)

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Well actually, the shape looks much easier than, say, an elephant haha It would depend how big you wanted it. I can do whatever size. I can have you pick out the yarn you want it to feel like, too, so you can spend as much or as little as you prefer.

oh my god!! i'm so excited! so i wanna check out some baby shoes and find a smallish size and see if you can make it to fit the shoes. wah! i'm so excited right now! i think he will really love it! :) he thinks it's so funny and cute. and he sees the scarf like, mustard yellow and maroon so i can pick those colors out and i'm just sososo excited! :) yay! thank you SOOOOO much!

That's so funny because I said but what color is the scarf? and Sin hyung said for some reason it's Gryffindor to me hahaha they were on the same wavelength I think :P
Okay let's go to Joann's to get it because walmart ain't got shit for good yarn choices! And I think I have a coupon for joann's too :D we can go this weekend if you want or if you want it sooner, I'm not working on anything so we can go whenever or if you even want to go to wally and see if they have what we need, then go to joann's later if they don't or-- just whatever haha my Kai just told me to take a deep breath and chill out but I just wanted to let you know whenever/whatever is fine. I have an empty ass crochet schedule right now.

hahaha, right?!! that's exactly how my little ming li sees it! :) haha that is so awesome! i wonder why that is!
ok, that is awesome! :) i am seriously so excited! wah! i wonder if walmart would have lil baby shoes like that. i guess we could look! seriously, thank you SO much! :) you're so nice and this weekend sounds just fine :) i'm REALLY excited! :) thank you thank you thank you!!! :)

Yeah walmart just may have those shoes. I feel like they probably would. If all else fails, I have a pattern for both sewing and crocheting converse style shoes so you can just buy a sheet of canvas and I can make them. You're welcome! I love to crochet! Would you want him a grey/brown color? Or what were you thinking in your head? Because Joann's has this really soft, almost fuzzy yarn that comes in this odd grey/brown color and I was thinking it would look all old fashioned in that color haha but anyway, maybe when you're looking, a color will jump out at you!

oh, man!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! haha holy shit! is there ANYTHING that you CAN'T crochet?! wah... ok! thank you SO much! that is really great to know that that is even an option! holy... thank you!
um...that actually sounds EXACTLY what i was thinking! oh my god! yeah, let's definitely go look at joann's for that! cuz that sounds perfect~! i seriously am just soso excited. i can't even thank you enough!! :)

Well I want to say yes there are many things I can't crochet, but Kai is telling me to look into my crochet heart and admit that even if it doesn't turn out the best, I can still crochet it. So... I think maybe there's nothing I can't crochet except I feel really foolish saying it -__-
That's funny we're all thinking same colors for this little guy! Well Joann's probably has yarn for the scarf that would be the same material as the fuzzyish body. so if you wanted textures similar, we can definitely find that. Or you know I'm a lot of talk this morning but once you see/feel the textures in person, it changes your life so we'll just have fun looking at yarn except you might not find it as exciting as me because fibers are my lyyyyfffffe :P

hahah don't feel that way! you're just honestly answering a question! :) that is so awesome! that is a great skill!
haha, i know! i was thinking that! that's really crazy. it would be interesting to ask a bunch of people what colors they think he is. i wonder why we are thinking the same. that's just really funny to me! :) oh, this is seriously so much fun! no, i am SO into this! haha, i am STOKED to go and look at the different yarn! haha, it's changin my life already and we're not even to the store yet! :P

also, niichan...squad is v apping right now and hotaru looks so gorgeous i might throw up. like... holy SHIT! i just need you to know this.

Yay! I'm excited, too! And it makes me more excited when somebody shares my excitement :P Now hopefully I don't mess it up and make it look bad haha Yay yarn!

Wahhhh I wish I would watch vapp at work so I could watch my #squad !!!!!!!!!

haha, you won't! i've seen the things you've done! i have faith! :P

oh my god...he's GORGE! it's STUPID! but they're so cute! they asked for a million hearts and they would give an mv teaser...wah... they were like, gonna CRY when they got a million! it was SO fuckin cute! :) it made me so happy! they're adorbs! i prolly gave em half a damn million!

LOOOL Nobu is writing right now and he just stopped and went to LJ and sure enough, not even a full minute after you posted that latest entry. It doesn't stop tripping me out how fecking accurate he is to the exact moment you post! But OTL I woulda gave them aaallll the hearts, too! But I'm glad they still got them! I cry when I look at squad for the comeback he so pretty! #squad

he so fuckin pretty i told him he's offending me! betch! i'mma watch him and his husband do it! that's how i roll! haha...oh nobu... you ain't a man. you a computa.
my fuckin head hurts. i need to eat somethin, but i don't wanna! :P just watched classical musicians reacting to both of those vids with my kid. i was so proud of him on adore u, i thought my heart was gonna burst outta my chest! :)

He freaking is! Get him out of my face! But don't! XD I hope your head stops hurting soon!!!!!
OTL I am obsessed with watching those musicians react now lols and I was so stoked they love seventeen ^__^ Little Yarb is life, man.

hahahaha OTL @ how happy that just made him!!!!!!!!!!! cutest bug that EVER lived!!!!!!!!!

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