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i need you to see this
it's not gonna work for you at work because it's tumblr, but i HAVE to show you cuz i won't remember to. so, i was just readin the taeyong drama all over again cuz it's funny and there was more i haven't seen like people saying there was literally something wrong with him, haha. like, he's a psychopath and he freaks them out because of this gif at his graduation where everyone was having a great time and then he just....

but the biggest reason why i want you to see it is because...look who is in the front! :)

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Okay so actually I just went on break so I looked on my phone and how fuhreaking cute are those happy babies in the front!?
but that's push a bitch standing there like a psychopath!?

wah!!! i was so excited!!! i was like TWO BUBBAS!!! YAY!!! that's so fun! i had never seen it before!!
hahahahaha oh my god, yeah, that push a bitch. he not havin ANY a dat fun! no senor! not for him!!!!!!!!

Way cute!
AND OTL He looks so freaking crazy because of his lack of anything! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Best gif eva!
Like what's wrong with him? Does he have no friends???? Does he hate people that bad? Does he hate school that bad? Does he LIKE school that bad and he don't wanna leave????? Is he just too tired because he an SM trainee and they work them to the bone???? LOOOOOLS SO many unanswered questions XD XD
holy shit i want enchiladas okay!? I might have to run to ivanovs and get the goods XD or have someone who knows what they do in teh kitchen go to ivanov's XD

hahahahahahahahhaha oh my GOD! dude, those questions are ALLLL great questions, hahahaha! that's really fucking funny! i didn't even realize that it could possibly be so many different factors! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like, WEIRDO!!! best gif aside from him pushin a bitch! he a fuckin gold nugget!
dude bom made me forget about the enchiladas! that sounds great! we're also going grocery ish shopping and going to the health food store today!

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SRSLY though what a weird freaking child! Honestly I understand why peeps find that unsettling LOOOOOL I just think it funny though XD
Oh geez... well did you hear how YG just straight blamed her now? Her mental health. He really running with that one lately, ain't he XDDDDD
Oh good, sin can look for plain non dairy yogurt again and probs not find it LOOOOL But totes buy more cream cheese and make wontons XD XD you know where all you planning on stopping?

no, there was this person on that thread that was like hahaha idgaf this dude is hilarious. i love him. i'm stannin his ass right now and i didn't care until i knew all of this funny shit! hahahahaha i was like ...did i...did i post on this forum and not remember?
haha yep! i'm stuck on a kdrama site that is funny as shit and i just saw that yg said that! also, ailee's american debut is a fuckin trainwreck and i'm laughing my ass off! :P
i am not sure where all... maybe the health food store and smiths? cuz se wants to make "chicken" noodle and "hamburger" soup soon. so he was gonna get produce.
also, texts. taeyong's dad text ichi.

This is Taeyong's father. I would really like to meet, one on one with you. I would like to give you a chance because I'm not being fair and I realize this. I don't think Taeyong should know, lest he be against it. Maybe this could be as a surprise for him? The two of us meeting and getting along.

Okay. I can meet you.

Great! I look forward to meeting with you.

What if Taeyongie hyung finds out and gets angry?

I will protect you.

Oh, thank you. That's very nice of you.

I am very excited to meet you.

And I am excited to meet you.

Oh? :) Do you like older men?

Yes. I've always liked older men. Taeyongie hyung is the youngest I've been with in my whole life.

askdjf;salkjfd taeyong is DYING he is so mad! we're all tryna figure out what exactly he is up to... i wonder if he's going to try and be like look taeyong, he was flirting with your own father!!! like...? we're all just kinda playing choose your own adventure when we tell ichi to text him back.

LOOOL you totes got on that message board OTL that is freaking awesome!!!!
And I was reading about Ailee's american debut today and OTL wtf is her team doing!? She's probably dying!!! LOOOL
Sounds good! Just making a mental list based on the stores lol so i'll probs forget it all by the time we're there XD I wonder if the health food store carries those wonton wraps. I shall see.
OHMYGOD!!!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!!!!! WTF TAEYONG'S DAD! HE SHALL BE KNOWN AS SIMPLY "IS A BITCH" We got Original slap a bitch, slap a bitch, push bitch, and now is a bitch. I HOPE he's just trying to pull one like that and like, not ACTUALLY try to sleep with him????????!!!!!!!!!! Feck.

like, do you love how they fuckin said that shit about cl?!?!?! hahaha! like, srsly?!?!?! aish!
haha write it down, you douche!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha i'm sure you have paper and a pen right there! you're so weird!!!!!!!!!
haha ichi was actin weird all morning and like biting his lip and just looking pensive and taeyong was like what is wrong baby? and he said "i have to tell you, hyung. i can't lie to you. your dad text me and he wants to meet up with me." taeyong was like wuuuut?! so he showed him the text and lil weez was like, y'all know you can have him come here and nothing will happen. if you want to let him come and see wtf he is up to, you can. so they decided hey, let's do it and the awesome texting adventure ensues! ichi is like...using everything in him to not just be like 'you stupid piece of shit! don't text me don't talk to me just leave me alone!!!' yeah, he is def a bitch! 5eva!

Yeah that thing abuot CL LOOOOL apparently they fired the person who said that, whether they really did or not XD
I actually forgot to put meh notebook in my bag so i don't have paper LOOOOOOL but Key said he'll remember what we need. So we'll see... It's mostly just "we need food, buy stuffs to eat" and then a few don't forgets XD
omg i don't know how ichi kept it in that long, if it was me the second I got it I would be like CHINENNNNN SAUCE! YO DAD FINNA CREEP!!!! but hell yeah, bring him here! we need to know what he up to!

haha i saw that! i was like hmm...i guess we'll never know unless they say something about cl again :P
OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha, i was so confused! like, WAE?! why don't you write it down?!?!?! haha that's how we are. just food, man. things you can put in your mouth and chew and swallow into your stomach!
um...the wooz just sent some pics to taeyong's mom's phone... and um...hahaha! i don't think he's joking. hahaha! he uh... he apparently recently discovered a taste for young, twinky boys. so that's good for the divorce and errthin cuz she finna call a lawyer RIGHT EFFIN NOW!!!!!!!!

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