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quick update before i go to work

so, taeyong's big bro waited until he could see what was really going on with the whole "married" thing and he can see that taeyong be stickin it out at least for awhile, so he told his parents that he got married and they FREAKED out. his dad called him freaking out and he actually hung up on his dad. he was like "i'm not discussing this with you. this is my LIFE and you have chosen to not be in my life since i can remember so it's none of your concern" and hung up on him and then his mom call and she all weepy and "why?! why would you do this to our family? you're not GAY! you're NOT!" like on gummo, but he is. he shoulda said "mom, why can't you ball like michael jordan can? it's aight, tho" and hang up! haha! but he told her "omma, i'm getting off the phone now. there really isn't more to say except for i love him so much. he makes me happier than anything has ever made me and if you're willing to meet him and give him a chance, that is awesome. if not, i really don't think i want this kind of negativity in my life. good bye"

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Yay you a man now fo sho!!!!!!! Good job sticking it to them! And I wish he would have said that, too LOOOOOL It would have been the best XD

hahaha right?! it woulda been AWESOME and she wouldna known wtf was going on! also, his big bro told him "i support you, i hope you know that. i'm right here if you need anything". i was like aw. aw.

Aww cutie brothers! No slap a bitch tho. Still finna call him that XDDDDD (ryo's still hoping for a wild card moment)

hahaha i was thinkin it was seeming kinda sad! cuz like...he seems real supportive of all of this now :( i was just thinkin i feel as if our wild card moment is slippin away from us :( also their mom is coming. slap a bitch said she was coming and push a bitch said why and slap a bitch said i guess she wants to meet him. so that could be fun cuz ichi ain't gonna put on a nice show for SHIT!
so i just got a letter from chrysler saying that i recently applied for the extension of credit and they are unable to approve... haha... i'm SO confused. i think i'll call them because i'm TOTALLY confused by it. like WUT?! yeah...confuzzled.

well Ryo is just holding onto hope that he will deny his own homosexuality, still lols he said he's gotta hold onto something XD
Well... that could totes be interesting. Let's see where this shit goes! she best not be a bish because Ichi won't take kindly to that XD
And um yeah? I would make sure the letter is legit, too. That's really weird. maybe check your credit monitoring thing, too. weird...

hahahaha oh, hold onto it cuz it would honestly be so awesome if we could pull it out! :P
hahah oh my god, NO! ichi will just be HIM. haha zurry betch, that's all he know!
so...i don't even think i still have that credit monitoring cuz i haven't heard SHIT from them in a long while, so... oh, more happened with it and it's just bizarre. i called autofarm and then i called THEM and just...haha. no. i don't even know wtf is going on, but yeah... it's just FUCKED up weird.
so my route will probably go up to 18 hours a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of fuckin 11~!!!! also, it might go up even more because jon is checking if he can cut a route without the carrier's permission and if so, he's giving james just the trailer court, the couple boxes on mainstreet out of town and genola and then the one box on main street coming back into town and cutting ALLLLLL the rest of santaquin and figuring out how he can give it to me! ha! so that will be TONS! that will probably put me over 20 hours a week and that would ROCK!

LOL well I kinda hope she at least a little snobbish so we get some funny reactions going on here XD
Um... well... you should probs figure it out before your credit is shot???? That's really freaking odd. maybe just try logging into that site and see what happens. you can use your social if the password is wrong, or something. I always have to because I forget what my password is XD
Oh wow that's great news! And yeah James needs to get the fuck over it! Just give it up bruh! srsly! Over 20 would be great!! Congrats!

hahaha me too me too!!! hahahahaha! oh ichi! you lil bitch, get on with it! i want some drama!
ok,'s fake. so when reia called them, it was just trying to get us to put our social in. it wouldn't stop. reia was hitting 0, trying to get an operator and the automated voice was like the call volume is extremely high, your wait time could be super long somethin somethin, please enter your customer number or social security number attached to the account. reia was like BULL SHIT! so THEN, he just was like capital is legit, BUT is this really chrysler capital. so he looks them up on google AND THE PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS IS COMPLETELY DIFF!!!!!!!!!!! so i think it's a scam and they tryna getchyo SHIT! cuz autofarm told me we do our own financing. things go out from us, not come in. we go to PEOPLE, people don't come to US. and i was like yeah, that's true. but then that still left me with maybe someone is tryna use my identity. but THEN i realized all the stuff in the letter is common knowledge stuff. stuff that just gets out. like, who i have my loan through. it doesn't say any specifics at all. so i think it's a scam and they tryna get my social security number. i really think that's what it is. but yeah, i think that credit thing was a three year thing and it's DEF been over three years. i think it happened the last part of travis's house. so yeah. it's done, i'm like ten thousand percent positive. i don't even remember which company it was, haha. so...yeah.
yeah, i'm really stoked and i hope jon can cut it without his consent, cuz's getting RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Well tousan says good detective work XD Yeah it sounds like a scam to me, they just want your identity!!!! And also my credit monitoring was only supposed to be two years but here I am four years later?????????? LOL I ain't complaining because it gives me peace of mind XD
Lols I hope that Jon can just cut it, too. you'd think if there were continuous problems, he would have the authority to. but I guess we shall see!

ha, yeah. uh...WHY would it say a different address and phone number?! like, NO. google says no, bro. zurry. i can't even tell you how many times that automated bitch tried to tell me to give her my social, bruh! i was like wut...? you bein shady, bitch. reia says thanks :) haha, he feels all spesh now.
haha, yeah, i seriously can't remember which company it even was! like at all!
and i'm thinkin that they might tell him that. if it just keeps happening and happening then he can. and it DOES keep happening!
also, smackin you in the mouth tonight

Lol that's such a red flag right there and I can't imagine how many people just go right along with it. LOOOL Yes, you got a "good detective work" award from the ultimate creep! Go Reia XD XD But really, good job!
I can't even remember the name of it, either, and I still get emails from them XD I'm pretty sure we were on the same one. The emails always say "protect my identity" but i'm pretty sure the website isn't just lols or maybe it is idk XDDDDDD
HOLY SHIT but can we have both of those in one meal? Like probs tonight tho????????? XDDDDD


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RIGHT?! and that's automatically what reia thought. he was like... no. no. that is just NOT right. most places don't even say that to begin with. it doesn't ever have anything to do with my social when i call bill places and if anything it's the last four, but that's it and only so they can verify. like...? yeahnuh bruh. haha, oh my god, reia is so happy about all of this cuz he was already gettin a big "look at my baby reia. THAT'S a real man. look how he adults like a big, strong, responsible man!" just for makin the call and now it's all THIS! :P
haha yeah, i feel like it was a major one. like one that you always hear about, but i can't effin remember, god dammit! maybe i'll ask jerf. i NEVER get emails from them. like, EVER. and you would think with buyin that jeep, i woulda! i dunno!
hahaha, yeah, we're going to the store after work today to get the stuffs! :) sparrow and kodiak gonna make us a dinner! :) yay!!!!

Oh my god I wish you could hear this lady talking I just... she's as ghetto as that's why he always punchin me in the mouth. She actually might be worse, I'm cry and Sin laughin XDDDDDD "I BEEN TOLD YOU I BEEN TOLD YOU! I BEEN TOLD YOU!" I am fbombing it every three words OTL XD XD
Good job Reia, you get the awards today XD ALL the awards!!!! You are such an adulting adult that ever did adult!
Yeah you should have, but do you still check yahoo? Because it would have been that one right?
YESSSS I like when Sparrow gets in that kitchen and Koji is happy that he's cooking with his Kodiak hyung. KOJI IS HAPPY!? Lols well i'll get extra chickpeas so i can make the sammich stuffs! oh and bread!! XD I am so stoked for dinner holy shit!

*dude i have to add how she getting hot wit him: I suck that shit out yo mufuckin dick! (repeat 3 times)

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hahahahahahahahahaa i'm sorry! oh my god, but AM I SORRY?!?!?! that's so fucking funny!!!!! haha i been told you!!!!!! that's fucking AWESOME! oh my god, i'm sorry but that is just sf funny!!!!!
oh, i don't know! i can't check yahoo! that account is locked and fucking DEAD! haha, remember when my computer went kaput and like.. yeah, yahoo got FUCKED! it's GONE! there's nothing on their site that i can check and i just don't even wanna deal! the only thing on their site is sign up. that's like, IT! i don't get how people are supposed to even log in there. it's like, lifelock or some shit and that sounds familiar to me but i have NO idea how i would even see if i have one still
haha, reia feelin all proud like the lil cutie he is :)
hahahaha! koji!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A NEW DAY!!! IT'S A NEW DAWN!! IT'S A NEW LIFE!!!!! FOR YOU!

Welp if it's the same as mine it literally is protect my id LOOOOL but yeah I was thinking you couldn't acess your yahoo email and I'm sure that's where they'd be sending to. lifelock IS one of them, yeah. Just attempt to log in and follow the prompts XD I guess if you still have one and it IS on the site I linked, it will let you log in? You might have to "forgot my password" and enter your social though.
So Koji really is having a new day a new dawn a new life like he was almost in tears at that lady! when she said that about sucking his dick, Koji done LOST IT! him and Sin were finna die

yeah they have no record of me. i'm almost ten thousand percent positive it was lifelock. haha, it seriously won't let me try to log in. all it will take me to is a sign up page and i don't get it. i can't see anywhere to click to log in.
hahah i was finna die and i wasn't even THERE! TF?!?!?!
found the log in, said i couldn't remember username/password, it asked me which fucking one, so i just chose username, then it said give email and last four digits, so it probably won't match cuz it was yahoo!

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LOOOL idk man! can you do /login after it?
Yeah dude no it was fecking funny as shit, it just... who really says that and is serious!?!?!?!? XDDDD

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