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Ok, overview time

ok, so first of all, in response to sebastien's last comment, if he needs me to hook a brutha up, i can try and find some taili for him! so there's THAT!
but so anyway, saw this pic of ichi and johnny and they're all bein cuties like bff selfie time and kit goes "Oh great, are you gonna try and steal him now too?" and ichi looks at him with eyes narrowed and says "I will cut you.  I don't know who told you you could talk to me like that, but do it again and I will cut you" and taeyong says "It's okay baby, don't worry about it.  Kit is going to stop now" and so Kit is like, just sending shady looks and Taeyong says "Kit, let it go, will you?  We're getting married" and Kit is like "What?!?!??!?!" and Taeyong says "You heard me"
So I am like, DYING over here. just DYING. and i'm he bein serious?  Or is he just tryna piss Kit off. and i'm like lookin at him and i'm like Oh SHIT! he serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So he like, takes Ichi's face in his hands and he says "I have a pretty decent amount of money still that is legally mine, so I'm going to look at some houses today and find us a house and make sure there's enough room for your brothers to stay and then I'll assess the money situation and see if I need to get a job and if I need to, I will" and Ichi's all like "Hyung, no. I can get a job. I'm used to working" and push a bitch like "No.  No, my love.  You have worked more than anyone should, doing things that NO ONE should have to. I am going to take care of you from here on out" and Ichi like "Oh hyung, you always do. You're so good to me" and Kit over there like... as;dfj;aslkdjf;laskdjf; !!!! :O@:IJF?!?!?!?!?! hahaha and i'm like "It's cute, you're like bein all like 'I'm grown up'" and he says "I'm twenty years old, Ren.  Lots of twenty year olds get married and buy houses" and I'm like "well yeah, but they don't usually act like fifteen year olds, like you, but you go get it! Chase that dream!"
hahaha and I'm just LOVIN this! LOVIN IT!!!!!!! ba ba ba ba ba!!!!!!!! :P

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hahahahhahahahahahaha! well c'mon! betch, YOU did it! come the fuck on, bitch! haha, like, you KNOW it can be a really great and healthy thing, dude! why you gotta act like that?! hahaha that's so funny!
hahaha! well, get ready for THIS shit! reia just got all excited and was like "oh my god, you guys both like, grungy, filthy, punkish stuff, so we're doing a steampunk wedding! you wanna do this today?" taeyong was like "is that even possible?" and reia was like "oh, it's possible. especially with big daddy's money" hahahaha! so... they totes finna get murried TODAY! haha reia said "i'll have it ready asap! maybe even before the evening!" haha...wah! watch out! and watch out, hanbin. reia already know how to plan a quick wedding ;P jk jk! hanbin would be down with that! yeah, they gonna look GORGE! are you effin kidding me?! i wanna go just to see them look sick hot!
oh, no, i think ashley DEF does. one, he's older; and two, he's had mad STUFF in his life that he had to deal with. i.e. his little bros. you know? like, harder stuff has been forced into his life, i feel. but that is ALSO true. like, the kitayamas don't hit their kids or anything, but they're really good at stopping everything and saying 'ok, this is not right and this is why and i need you to think about this and this and this and then i want YOU to tell me why you shouldna done that guys'. haha, you know? like, the kitayamas are like...the best parents that ever lived. they freak me out.
hahahah NOPE! never gonna do it! NEVA gon be nice to jerrrRrr@! jk, jk! yarb just told me to! so i gotta at least for a minute! :P hahahahah oh my god! hahahahahaha niichan, c'mon, we ALL know i could get ANYONE to bone me! :P jk jk, i love that faggot for some odd reason. aish, no, i really fukin love him for real, though 5eva. freakin jr.
hahahahhahahaahaha yay!!! :) yay! that's my boy! :) what a wonderful person! i am so lucky he's my lil bro!! :)

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