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Ok, overview time

ok, so first of all, in response to sebastien's last comment, if he needs me to hook a brutha up, i can try and find some taili for him! so there's THAT!
but so anyway, saw this pic of ichi and johnny and they're all bein cuties like bff selfie time and kit goes "Oh great, are you gonna try and steal him now too?" and ichi looks at him with eyes narrowed and says "I will cut you.  I don't know who told you you could talk to me like that, but do it again and I will cut you" and taeyong says "It's okay baby, don't worry about it.  Kit is going to stop now" and so Kit is like, just sending shady looks and Taeyong says "Kit, let it go, will you?  We're getting married" and Kit is like "What?!?!??!?!" and Taeyong says "You heard me"
So I am like, DYING over here. just DYING. and i'm he bein serious?  Or is he just tryna piss Kit off. and i'm like lookin at him and i'm like Oh SHIT! he serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So he like, takes Ichi's face in his hands and he says "I have a pretty decent amount of money still that is legally mine, so I'm going to look at some houses today and find us a house and make sure there's enough room for your brothers to stay and then I'll assess the money situation and see if I need to get a job and if I need to, I will" and Ichi's all like "Hyung, no. I can get a job. I'm used to working" and push a bitch like "No.  No, my love.  You have worked more than anyone should, doing things that NO ONE should have to. I am going to take care of you from here on out" and Ichi like "Oh hyung, you always do. You're so good to me" and Kit over there like... as;dfj;aslkdjf;laskdjf; !!!! :O@:IJF?!?!?!?!?! hahaha and i'm like "It's cute, you're like bein all like 'I'm grown up'" and he says "I'm twenty years old, Ren.  Lots of twenty year olds get married and buy houses" and I'm like "well yeah, but they don't usually act like fifteen year olds, like you, but you go get it! Chase that dream!"
hahaha and I'm just LOVIN this! LOVIN IT!!!!!!! ba ba ba ba ba!!!!!!!! :P

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hahahahaha ok, this is REALLY rough! this is just... i don't know of ANYONE who even has these attributes! i am truly sorry for EVERYONE'S lots that i am not available :P haha available for WHAT?! cukes is way prettier than her as well. the closest i can come to that is jinx's baby mama who is super hot in an odd way, and a lil bit older than him and
that's her. she is def dtf. she could possibly be what he is lookin for in a fuckfest. dunno. you let me know. bitch has legs for days too. like, BEST legs of my life. that's just chuckin out my first thought. so let me know what is thought of that and i can rummage around some more through these broads i got :P LIFE will come in the form of those gifs! i cannot even! like, i am SOOOOO excited i can't! what are the odds?! how many fuckin children are in seventeen, ffs?!?!?! wah...i kept watching because boo was bein obnocksh and then he left and i was like where there's a boo, there's a way. my child is gonna come in, i can feel it. and he effin DID! best. thing. ever.
hahaha, yeah!! ichi bein all like a princess in a fairy tale right now, it's awesome! he's all like, in this dreamy state of awe at him righ nah and it's just fuckin awesome! haha that's what i was thinkin! i was like this place a haven for possibly stupid decisions! it's always gonna be fine no matter what! :P yeah, in a way, it's just totes adorbs. i'm like ah, young love. y'all crazy and it's fine :P haha! cuz this mad entertainment for meh!! bring it! and yeah, ichi just said "what about your parents, hyung? i don't want to be selfish... i want you to be my husband, but i don't want you to regret it" and a course, push a bitch be all like "oh, no, i could NEVER regret ANYTHING that i did with you" cue the make out!!!!!!!!!! it's like watchin a DRAM! i LOVE it!
haha, yeah, i actually DO think this will help kit, cuz he a brat, but he not pure EVIL! like, me...i was like yep, gon hate ya even more cuz you takin care a her baby, bitch! make yo life a livin hell! :P mwahahaha! but, i think this honestly will be better for kit. haha i WOULD say poor johnny, but...ha NOPE~! ya did this to yerself, bruh! haha, i like that kid. and he's smart and errthin, so i don't know where he went wrong with kit! :P
oh yeah...this's just been pretty great so far!

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