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Dat smile tho...

Your smile
So illuminating.  So beautiful.
So bright, I feel like I might go blind if I stare at it for too long.
So gorgeous, that I brave it and allow my eyes to linger as long as they can.
Even making an ass of myself
over and over
To be able to be graced with it
again and again...

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yeah we are freaks and we will continue to be freaks! :P and also, the fac that you said being a good friend to him... on shawshank, that creepy 'sister', the guy that like, rapes dudes and takes bitches, that's his tag line, hahah! "i could be a friend to you" so it made me really happy that you said that :P yeah, it's true :) you just keep bein a friend to him baek, and maybe you can make him yo bitch latahzzzzzzzz!! hahaha, he just told me to shut the fuck up! :P
i know bro...the pokemon. i was like baek just get em cuz they too cute! not for any other reason! :P
haha oh my god, yeah you do! and you betta anyway! he better be bein a good dad to you :P

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