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Dat smile tho...

Your smile
So illuminating.  So beautiful.
So bright, I feel like I might go blind if I stare at it for too long.
So gorgeous, that I brave it and allow my eyes to linger as long as they can.
Even making an ass of myself
over and over
To be able to be graced with it
again and again...

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hahahaha! and also, he's kind of, in some ways like a little. it might be because he don't know nothin bein kept away in that forest and all that :P haha, but like he just...he fits right in, to me. i know all of my friends would be all sweet and kind to him and help him with things and i just really need to calm down cuz it might not ever happen, hahaha! i'm all plannin their future! :P
awww....poor niichan :P haha, but no really. even if you use it to get at him, poor you! that blows!
and also, baek just went and found this 144 piece pokemon toy set. they're all little tiny! 2-3 centimeters and they're only 23 bucks, free shipping! haha, so he's probs totes gonna get them for sparrow :P

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