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Dat smile tho...

Your smile
So illuminating.  So beautiful.
So bright, I feel like I might go blind if I stare at it for too long.
So gorgeous, that I brave it and allow my eyes to linger as long as they can.
Even making an ass of myself
over and over
To be able to be graced with it
again and again...

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Wait tho....
Dis gaim still alive???????????????

haha no. i just make sure to hang out like, everyday :P i'm just trying to help him feel better about himself because i want him to. i feel like he deserves it and i just want him to feel happy.

niichan, i need to cut in here and tell you that like...they flirt. they flirt way bad. and today, i could feel them wanting to kiss! but...i don't think baek could do it! i don't think he could go through with it cuz he really likes the kid fo real. like, he ain't just tryna score. i just want cypress to be like "yo, i'mma date kodiak. zurry sparrow" so him and baek can get married. hahahahaha jk!!!!! that would probs totes break sparrow's heart.

awwwww lolz it's just gotta happen over time if it's gonna happen then and that's just fecking fine! I am glad baeks is taking it slow and bein a good guy and erthin because he just is anyway XD
but I'm glad he's taking it slow and just being a nice friend and all of that. we just... need time LOL but really.

hahaha for real, though! just give it some damn time! i don't think i've EVER seen baek so smitten! like, EVER! not with rini, even. he's just like mesmerized by the kid. yeah, if you can count on baek to be anything, it's a good guy. the only time he isn't, is when i influence him, hahahaha! zurry, brah! not my fault! oh wait! yes it is!!!!! :P

wahhhh it's so cute!!! I want baeks to be happy because he's great and he needs to be XD but really! I hope that time will do this well and in his favor lolz but really!
And tous says it's actually not your fault because nobody has to fall to anybody's influence. it's a personal choice XD I still say your influence is different because you are a literal demon so uhhh.... XD XD

it IS so cute! and cute bugs me sometimes, but this just doesn't bug me! yeah, he totes deserves to be happy. he's like NEVER infinitely happy. like, externally but not that internal happy feeling. and it's not fair! i hope so too cuz's really just so cute. i won't lie. even how sparrow gets so shy and like, smiley and it's just a;lsdj;alskjdf aaaah! cute cute and cute!!!! bleh!
hahaha well...i'm not sure which one of you are right, but...i like the sound of both of them for different reasons! :P

Lols I'm glad it doesn't bug you! It's because Sparrow isnt' a girl! XD XD yeah I just laksdjfds I want it to work. So it just needs to work and that's all there is to it! The stars need to fucking align or whatevs, whatever needs to happen for it to happen XD
Tousan says he's always right, even when he's wrong but he's definitely not wrong on this one and only right and that yes you're a demon because you're his spawn XD (then I said wow tous, glad you were right to miss my bday all them years~ and he sighed LOOOOOL)

hahahaha! and also, he's kind of, in some ways like a little. it might be because he don't know nothin bein kept away in that forest and all that :P haha, but like he just...he fits right in, to me. i know all of my friends would be all sweet and kind to him and help him with things and i just really need to calm down cuz it might not ever happen, hahaha! i'm all plannin their future! :P
awww....poor niichan :P haha, but no really. even if you use it to get at him, poor you! that blows!
and also, baek just went and found this 144 piece pokemon toy set. they're all little tiny! 2-3 centimeters and they're only 23 bucks, free shipping! haha, so he's probs totes gonna get them for sparrow :P

LOLLL we be planning they future and erthin XD Well but it's good that he's just being a good friend to him. That's important because he needs friends, too. Baeks is just doing it the right way that's for dayum sure XD And waaahhhh at the pokemon!!! that sounds way to fucking cute like I can't handle that bro! SO TINY I'M CRY!
LOLS poor me but it fine because I get whatever I want from him now XD

yeah we are freaks and we will continue to be freaks! :P and also, the fac that you said being a good friend to him... on shawshank, that creepy 'sister', the guy that like, rapes dudes and takes bitches, that's his tag line, hahah! "i could be a friend to you" so it made me really happy that you said that :P yeah, it's true :) you just keep bein a friend to him baek, and maybe you can make him yo bitch latahzzzzzzzz!! hahaha, he just told me to shut the fuck up! :P
i know bro...the pokemon. i was like baek just get em cuz they too cute! not for any other reason! :P
haha oh my god, yeah you do! and you betta anyway! he better be bein a good dad to you :P

lolz yeah imma have to second Baekho for that one XD XD
If Baeks said he suddenly WASN'T going to order the pokemon, i'd tell him to send me the god damn link so i could order them for myself looool i need to see these up close in person XD i love me tiny things and i love me some pocket monster~ you know pokemon! We are so happy!

*OTL the that happened was an accident I was typoing and it ended up like that XD >.........*** I tried to say the "NO" with the < > around it but it's code so it made it disappear when I tried to say it OTL you are probs lost at everything right now it's so busy send help pls I have to rush erthing I say

Edited at 2016-09-20 04:29 pm (UTC)

fuckin lj!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha i think bogs is the guard! i can't remember his damn name! i only remember that red calls him and his crew "the sisters"
"would it help if i explained to them that i'm not homosexual?"
"oh, they're not homosexual. you have to be human first"
:P haha i love that movie! and so does lu :P
hahaha for real, right?!?!?! fuck yeah! we need em! and ahhahahahahahahahahaha @freakin ryo! oh my GOD, he's too much! and why the fuck do we love tiny things so much?!?!? like WHY?!
hahahaha yeah, i get what you're saying but i don't know what the fuck you are saying it was supposed to say! just that when you did that it was code so it made something not show up and stuff! hhaha!

LOL that's funny I don't why I was thinking the gross sister was named bog XD Mixed wires with Shawshank memories XD I wanna watch it now though! It's been so long!
LOL Ryo... can't be tamed. Just waiting for his next fuck up. Your move Ryo, your move... XD XD No really tiny things are life! I freaking love them! Like meh boyf! XD XD
Lols I would try to explain exactly what I meant but I would probably sound the same XD
From tousan so you can understand: When he was spaz typing, holding shift instead of pushing CAPS like a normal human being, He accidentally hit the less than and greater than sign before and after the word "NO" instead of the space bar, so it looked like he intentionally did it. But when he went in to edit the comment, he put a space between the less than and greater than signs, and that is coding to delete whatever is inside of those brackets, so it was useless to try and tell you because what he was trying to show you ended up disappearing when he hit "post comment". So it appeared as "*OTL the that happened..." when there should have been a< NO>in between the and that, thus making it "*OTL the< NO>that happened..."
See how long it took to explain all of that? That is why Ryuke didn't make much sense. Now when I post this comment, if I fucked up and the code sticks and the words that I typed get deleted... then I am disappearing for three days. Because I just typed a lot of shit and I expect it to get to you in one piece.

Edited at 2016-09-20 06:30 pm (UTC)

nope lu just told me he thinks the guard's name is hadley. that looks so ugly when i type that. Hadley. even when i capitalize it, it looks ugly, hahahaha! but whatever. he thinks that's what his name is. he says the sister is bogs. pretty sure. boggs. something hahaha! i can't spell any of them. or maybe i can, haha! who knows!
haha atchyo tiny boyf! :P
ah...i see, i see. ok. made sense. got ya, got ya. look at you go. hahahahahahahahaha stay gold, pony boy! you're good! no worries! haha look ashyou :P gettin all fired up~! :P
i'm fuckin tired, brew. fuckin god damn sparrow ass tired!

Holy crap I'm tired too and It's so busy i'm srsly cry dude you don't even know! or... maybs you do! XD I don't understand a word tousan just said so i'm glad that you do but i'm over here going okay???? XD
It's time to come home now OTL!!!!!! OH will you see if the mixed cabbage bag is still good because i was going to get green onions to make the ramen salad but if the cabbage bag is bad then i'll need to buy one of those too XD

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