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well niichan

there's srsly no way for me to finish it before work. and wtf did i say i'm writing for? i'm totes not. jerr is. like...WHY did i say i was writing? i kinda want to, but i don't even know what to feckin write about. but...hopefully jerr will finish this cuz i'mma tell him if he don't, i finna delete it.

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Lolz it's okay, we love you because we know you're really just an angel, it's cool XD
XDDDDDDDDDDDD I can't even properly concentrate to form a small reply to you, I am so screwed XD I found this band and I thought they were gonne be fucking awesome until the bitch started singing and sounds kinda like that groove armada bitch, just not as bad but I don't like it enough that the incredibly beautiful music isn't worth it I think...

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