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Sometimes things taste bad and sometimes they taste good.
Like words. Some words taste bad and some words taste good.
Juju and Ravi, I like the taste.
There is a new word:
Roon rolls off of my tongue easily,
The letters bounce pleasantly on my taste buds making for a sought after after-taste.
The R is almost too strong, like with Ravi, but the taste changes because O is next.
Such an exotic taste to follow a strong one, blessing me with a second helping.
And it could end there, but how could I waste another taste?
As my tongue gently rests against the roof of my mouth, N, a sweet and tangy feeling, like blood or bliss, but they are the same.
I never knew a brother could be like this.

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I love you too Roon. It's weird but it's okay. Ganbarimasuuuu.

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