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the grass

so... this is our grass

it looks like shit, even when mowed. so i mowed a chunk of it, but it really doesn't like the fuckin prickly lettuce, so i think i'mma have to clean the trimmer off and do some of it with that. like, i dunno, brew. i put it to almost the tallest setting but it still seems like it cut it too short, but it could just be that the shit is so patchy and SHIT that it just appears to be that way. DUNNO, brew! dunno...

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LOL link me bruh! I'm laughing just picturing it! unless it's on the tv then show me when I get home XD
no dude we are the ultimate worst. truly. ULTIMATE. I think we got a back yard brigade this weekend to just... I mean whatever needs to be done. let's just effing burn the back right corner XD lols but maybe we should drop those extra tile things over the weediest areas and just... let them sit for a week or two and kill the weeks and then soak the ground and hoe that shiz. idk man we suck.

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