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Monkey boy

His's maybe not conventional. Definitely not symmetrical. Just like his appa.

But he's cute. So cute. Cute enough that I could cry.

That I do cry.






I laugh. “Eh?”



And so I get him a banana.

“Here you go, monkey boy.”

And his smile says a lot.

That he's happy and that he's glad that I understand that he is a monkey today.

He climbs on my lap and I smooth back his hair as he eats his banana.

I hear Mino laugh softly and I open my eyes to find him smiling at us.

I don't even feel the need to be bratty as I smile back and ask him


“I don't think I have ever seen you look happier,” he says. “When you close your eyes and smile, I know it's so real it takes you somewhere else. That's how Chulie makes you feel.”

Wonthoongi” through a mouthful of banana and I laugh as I kiss his head and blink back tears.

And I think that Mino is right.

Just when I thought that I couldn't be happier

I found my little baby monkey.

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Jinxie... this makes me so happy for you that I'm going to cry, too. I'm sure that hyung is being at least a tiny bit less of an asshole about you having kids, now that he's seen you with Chulie. It makes me feel happy that you get to feel such a deep love like that and I know that you are always going to be a great dad. Just because you have problems doesn't mean that you can't be and I know that he's going to help you stay on track of your treatments and your medications, even more so than Mino.
I can tell. I'm really happy for you and I love you :)

wah, thank you!!! :) that makes me so happy :) i feel like you're so right about that because his mother said this morning "maybe you should have just let me die" and it made me SOOOOO angry at her and i couldn't even imagine not wanting to be here for him every second and protect him and make sure he's healthy and happy and i realized that i just feel like i would do ANYTHING for him, including keeping up with my mental health.
i'm so glad that you can see that, hyung!!! :) thank you so so much! i love you bad and yes, hyung is actually being nicer about it! :P

Yes, tell hyung I'm a doctor and I see these things and I can tell you're going to be great! So there! In his bratty face! :) I'm already so proud of you and you just keep making me feel more and more proud all the time! What am I going to do?! I will burst soon if you don't stop! ...but don't stop :p
Yeah, I can't imagine. I don't have human children, but all of Jun's babies need someone to take care of them and that is enough for me, if we're talking children. And the kids that I help, they're not even mine and that's reason enough. If she keeps up words like that, aunt Kora will probably bitch slap her haha RECORD IT! :p

hahaha no you won't, hyung~! :P you're silly. but i won't stop, i promise! i'm not a doctor, but i'll try to fix you if you DO burst, but you won't!! it makes me SO happy that you're proud of me! :) you're the best so it means a lot!
you're so kind and caring and you take care of so many children! human and animal children :) and i think it's amazing! i'm proud of YOU!
i almost did slap her. i said "i can help you out if you want to because if you don't want to be in his life then i just wish you would die too" and then she felt all bad and was all waahhhh!! i'm sorry i'm sorry and i was like not as sorry as you WILL be if you keep that shit up!!!!! :P hahahahaha oh, we'll record it for sure!!

Thank you Jinxie. It means a lot to me that you are proud of me. That makes me feel happy :) (WARNING: I'm about to get real Asian) Let's keep on doing our best and keep making each other proud. Haha Oh dear, that's so Asian but I love you so... :)
One of the tough things about coming off of drugs is people tend to get extremely self centered and I'm sure that she will be until she's good and clean. Just keep on as you are and I know it will be all right. Whether we have to have a casualty or not. ...Teasing :)

I'm taking over from the other comment thread that's going because it involves my precious Jinx :) First, I'm glad you got the sheet music! That's great and I hope the shipping is a lot faster than shitty fedex haha
And I am so excited for dinner! it sounds amazing! Did you end up making all of the red potatoes last night? Because they might go good with tonight's dinner, too! :) You are amazing :)

NOPE! there's still like, half the bag! :) so we could definitely do that!!! i hope it's so yummy! luhan just showed me and mino the saddest video of big bird singing it's not easy being green at jim henson's memorial! haha, my little wussy mino still has tears in his eyes from it!
:) i'm glad that it makes you feel happy!!! hahaha we definitely can both do our best :) i know it! we're so lucky to have each other!
hahahaha! :) ok hyung! i'm trying to be patient with her but also trying to remind her that reality is fuckin harsh!!! :P

You've become quite the cook so I trust it will be good!
Dammit, I have to go help with a surgery so I have to go, but I can give you some pointers about dealing with a detox later if you'd like! I love you Jinxie!

That would be amazing! Good luck! I love you too!

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