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Hey, this is Taeyong
billy_gerardluv might be hard and like, obnoxious and so possibly it will be a little spendy, but that's okay.  I was wondering if there was any way that you thought you could make The Doubtful Guest? Like, with a long scarf and I want to buy some little white canvas high tops if I can find some and...I dunno.  If you can't or don't want to, that's ok.  I just think my little husband would really love it :)

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Well I want to say yes there are many things I can't crochet, but Kai is telling me to look into my crochet heart and admit that even if it doesn't turn out the best, I can still crochet it. So... I think maybe there's nothing I can't crochet except I feel really foolish saying it -__-
That's funny we're all thinking same colors for this little guy! Well Joann's probably has yarn for the scarf that would be the same material as the fuzzyish body. so if you wanted textures similar, we can definitely find that. Or you know I'm a lot of talk this morning but once you see/feel the textures in person, it changes your life so we'll just have fun looking at yarn except you might not find it as exciting as me because fibers are my lyyyyfffffe :P

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