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quick update before i go to work

so, taeyong's big bro waited until he could see what was really going on with the whole "married" thing and he can see that taeyong be stickin it out at least for awhile, so he told his parents that he got married and they FREAKED out. his dad called him freaking out and he actually hung up on his dad. he was like "i'm not discussing this with you. this is my LIFE and you have chosen to not be in my life since i can remember so it's none of your concern" and hung up on him and then his mom call and she all weepy and "why?! why would you do this to our family? you're not GAY! you're NOT!" like on gummo, but he is. he shoulda said "mom, why can't you ball like michael jordan can? it's aight, tho" and hang up! haha! but he told her "omma, i'm getting off the phone now. there really isn't more to say except for i love him so much. he makes me happier than anything has ever made me and if you're willing to meet him and give him a chance, that is awesome. if not, i really don't think i want this kind of negativity in my life. good bye"

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Lol that's such a red flag right there and I can't imagine how many people just go right along with it. LOOOL Yes, you got a "good detective work" award from the ultimate creep! Go Reia XD XD But really, good job!
I can't even remember the name of it, either, and I still get emails from them XD I'm pretty sure we were on the same one. The emails always say "protect my identity" but i'm pretty sure the website isn't just lols or maybe it is idk XDDDDDD
HOLY SHIT but can we have both of those in one meal? Like probs tonight tho????????? XDDDDD


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