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i don't know if you'll see this but
if we're going to sally's today and you want something, i can get it for you for the money i owe you. i don't know if you will, but if you do, i can get it~! i'm losin it, btw! sparrow wants to write SOOOOOOO bad it's killin him, smalls, but he doesn't know what to write about!

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Wait sally's or joann's? I thought they told me joann's haha and I am so sorry sparrow! I have been periodically refreshing LJ to see if you'd posted yet because i knew you wanted to write haha

....................................why in the FUCK did i say sally's? well, i KIND of know why. no, it's joann's. so here is probably why i said sally's. just cuz i was in a hurry. after i started the post, there was all this noise outside and shax started going apeshit. i look out the window and a utility truck is using our driveway to turn around. i look and see cones blocking of the 700 n turn and i'm like....eeeeefffffffffff. they're doin the overlay on our road. which is actually ok. cuz i'm home with the boys i can let em in and stuff. just, if jon needs me to go up to the post office, i'll need to ask terri lynn if she can come and get me. so i go talk to one of the dudes out there and he said they're doing it today and i said does that mean i can't leave my house at all today and he said it hasn't been taking them that long lately. once they get the overlay on, you just have to wait like, thirty minutes or an hour or something til it dries so it doesn't flip up on your vehicle. he said at any point in the day i can come and find someone out there and ask them. he was really nice.

Oh jesus. Your like WATCH THE JEEP BRUHS but that's good he was nice and helpful! and since it's only 845, by 2:30 you'd THINK it would be good haha but where are they starting from? All the way up by the rock and feather peeps or just by our corner neighbors house?
And there might be just a few things I can find at joann's............. hahahaha

haha oh jeebus... there goes the smoke detector! haha it just chirped. i wonder if it's a oner or if it'll keep goin :P aish!
hahaha yeah, i actually was thinking about pulling it up all the way to the garage, hahaha! i'm gonna be THAT person! i can't help it~! yep! they're starting at the very top and going to the very bottom. i wish they started at the bottom, ha. it would...actually...i'm trying to figure it out. it would ALMOST be the same. but if they started at the bottom, ours would dry faster. the guy was SUPER nice. like, i was SO glad. i didn't want to deal with an ass! and he looked like he could be one, but i was SO wrong!
wah!!!! chirping still!!! haha!
ok :) you just see what you want there and if you want me to get it! if not, i can just get cash or somethin! :)

OTL I finna use my ecig and it died after one puff XD I'm cheating, smoking a real one lol yeah I really hope it's done by the time we get home. Dude your jeep is brand new, I'd be the same way! And also I was gonna tell you you can use my shampoo conditioner to see if you like it. Wow this is all over the place XD XD so one more then , baby z made teddy a bracelet and it's so cute and he loves it XD

haha, dammit! well i decided i just kinda don't like the vuse. i was using it this morning and it's just... i dunno. if i don't take a big drag, it doesn't even feel like i'm smoking. if i take a big enough drag to feel like anything, it makes me cough. i don't know what to do, BUT i have usually smoked like, six times at least by 9:30, i have only smoked twice. so...that's good! :) haha. aish!
oh, the avon one?! ok! thank you so much! :)
oh yay!!! for cutie! he be makin bracelets for errbody up in heeah! that chil :) he can be the sweetest ever when he wants to!!! :)

Damn that sucks! I actually really do like the vuse. it helps me way more than the oil one did. The fact that I found one that works and I still smoke just shows I'm an idiot XD Elias worked so hard for us to just start smoking again LOL sorry little E. Good job though! You go glen coco! I, too, have smoked twice. It should have only been once but whoops I'm finna charge that now XD
And yes, the Avon one. it's just on the bottom shelfthingy in the shower.
No it's totes so cute. It says Nobu and then there's a big teddybear on each side of his name!

ha yeah! i wish i DID like it! but, you know... i'm thinkin maybe i cut down intensely. i'm already cut down to half at this point in the day and i'm hoping to keep it that way all day and then maybe i go lower and lower. i dunno! i am hoping to. cuz how much we spend on cigs in a month is more than insurance for the jeep. we spend over 90 bucks a month on cigarettes, as far as i know. they're like, 6.50, right? we basically buy a pack every other day. so, haha... yeah. it's like 97 bucks to do that. and that's BULL FUCKIN SHIT! not to mention, i'm starting to get concerned about singing. i feel like i won't even be able to soon if i keep this shit up!!! hahahah awww! poor elias! that's so bad. we didn't help, that's for sure. we never help. we're always the one wanting to go somewhere and buy something, we're always the one tempting everyone with a good smoke time and both of those things are gonna STOP! like, srsly...i told lu it's a challenge and he said game on. i said every time you want one, it's like your body telling you hahaha! you can't resist! you HAVE to! there's no stopping now! and you tell it to MMM OFF! i told him he can still be a piece of shit and not smoke all the time :P
ok! :) i will have to try that shit out!
and a;slkdjsdlkjf awwwww! that's sooooooo cute!!! yay!!! :)

Holy shit, that is a lot lol we buy usually two every week, sometimes three. so not AS bad, but that's still like, 75 bucks a month, almost 1000 a year, somewhere around there and that's just not... LOL yeah Sin and Elias' rich half were Elias' undoing. "Elijah hyung, could I maybe have one, please?" *hands cigarette* and then suddenly we went to Cali and we were just... smoking again XD XD
LOOOL Yes, yes he can. But he isn't, but he can still pretend if he wants to be a piece of shit. He can be anything he wants to be! XD XD

hahaha, yeah. yeah, it's a JOKE! when you effing realize how fucking MUCH you goddamn throw away on them... especially the rate that I buy them... jesus FUCK. yeah, i will usually buy two packs and then four days later, i buy two more. it's just dumb. it might end up being that i smoke a little less than a pack every two days. but only like, two and a half days, haha! for real, it's fucking stupid. and i just want to be done. it's fucking ridiculous. i am not a weak person, bro. and there is just NO excuse for it. NONE! plus i don't wanna smoke in my jeep, so... yeah. i just wanna be DONE! haha fucking cali was the undoing for many of us in different ways. it was also the undoing of my bank account, hahaha! :P
hahahahaha i know! i just know that he really likes to say 'well i'm a piece of shit so i'm smoking again'. haha, i don't know WHY, but it pleases him to say it! fuckin little weirdo!

OMG no like we quit cheese dude WE QUIT MOTHERFUCKING CHEESE we can quit anything. Lols right when we quit cheese, Nuni was like "sin, do you think you could cut back on smoking a little bit?" and Sin was like "I just quit cheese. one thing at a time, Nuni. one thing at a time..." LOOOL
Yeah cali was... cali was a great time, though! that's the gotdamn truth XD
Well if he finds an e cig he likes he could still be a piece of shit and go smoke that! XD

ok, so kinda irritated cuz there is SOME kind of like, pre-SOMETHING on our road, but they haven't done it yet... even 650 n, the street right above the unit isn't blocked off anymore, so... haha, don't know how long it's gonna take em. i'm seriously about to go pull my jeep over to 650 n and park it kind of by the corner, but i'm a little protective of it, haha... but you guys might have to park there and walk down to the house cuz...they haven't even fuckin done it.
but YES! we quit cheese, this is fucking STUPID. NOTHING is better than cheese, so FUCK us. we can do this. bull shit.
yeah we had SO much fun in cali that i don't even care and i just fuckin got back from the post office and it sounds like it'll be really great. so, i can stay route 1's sub for sure and still do that. since it's just under two hours a day, i'll be doing that every day and if james needs me to work, i will just do his first, then come back and do mine since it's so little. so, through the holiday season, i will just go in every morning and do mine. before i leave, i'll probably know exactly what i'm doing when i get back (like, how much of route 1 i have to help out on). i'll probably be working 50 hours every week. so my paycheck will be like, over 2,000 bucks during holiday season every two weeks. so that will help me to build my bank account back up. then soon after holiday season, terri lynn should be getting EIGHTY MOTHER FUCKING SIX HOUSES from royal land and the street above it. she already has fucking FIVE units in over there cuz they already have them plotted. so then she'll have to give some more up, which will probably be n orchard and possibly down 400 east and like, kylie's house and the broadbents and stuff and like, the weidingers. PROBABLY. cuz there will probably be some more in ginger gold area as well. so i SHOULD be good cuz by the time the holidays wear off and james's like, week and a half or whatever it is that he takes off after christmas, i will have a bunch of money from that from doing both routes and it can kind of hold me over with my regular paychecks i'll be getting. and then they'll probably have to do an evaluation soon after that and i can't imagine it being under four hours, which i can DEFINITELY live on. i did the math and 4 hours every day for the month comes out to 2040. and i can live on 2040 for sure. utilities, mortgage, and jeep/insurance should come to like, 1200 bucks. so...i could DEFINITELY live on that if i'm not an even bigger piece of shit than lu, hahaha! :P i don't know if all of that even makes any sense cuz i just mindlessly typed it, haha.

No I totally comprehended all of it and that is great news! I was going to say I hope it doesn't burn you out, but Christmas season burns everyone out at the post office, no matter what position they're in... :/ Ahhh it all sounds like it should work out all right! And maybe James will decide he doesn't want to do it anymore if the route grows and you can't sub for him anymore. IDEAL JAMES IDEAL BRUH.
And I totally feel you on the jeep... lolthrow meh bike in the back and go park it at Trista's XD

hahaha fuck yes it does! and i was thinking, i usually do two, 1 hour package runs for different routes and then half of fuckin basically ALLLLL of route 1. so this way, i'll be doing mine, already KNOW what i'm doing when i get back, get back and do it. you know? i'm not gonna be waiting around anymore for someone to call me and all that bull shit. i think it'll just be better for everyone in the end. and jon said if you're a sub and you work six days, he's pretty sure you get the greater of the two. either the evaluated time or hourly. so, i actually screw myself for going fast :P but it's ok. well, he's pretty sure that's how it works, but he's going to ask for sure so i know.
oh my god...hahaha! that might actually be a good idea! :P OTL, if the bike fits and they still haven't closed the road off, i might freakin do it
bleh! bike doesn't fit!

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Oh sad about the bike! But I mean, it's not completely empty like good ol' jeep ge!
Oh if it's the greater of the two, that will freaking rock! Seriously! Then you CAN do your 2 hour aux in 45 mins if that's all it takes and not have to feel stressed about it LOOOL Yeah, no. Honestly, that sounds like it could help at least your day run a lot smoother through the holidays. Ah I hope that it just all works perf in the end and after the holidays, you'll have grown. I can't believe TL is getting that many new ones! And jerf and gina are both still getting new houses err day!

haha yeah! :) good ol ge! he good fuh SOOOOOOO many things! love that em eff! :)
yeah, i can totally get done in time. i was thinking the same thing. if you're giving two hours, i can do that in probably half the time. i think route 1 is like, 8 something. it's a little over 8, i believe. and like i usually get it done in six. so...yeah! haha, i could do that. and seriously, the days i do both, get done at 1 on route 1, then go do mine and get done by 3. i can do that. like, really, i can. i hope so too! i REALLLLLLY hope so too! cuz if it can work out as well as i'm thinking in my head...then things could be really great. we shall see. either way, i will be fine. i can do what i have to do.
i know...the growth in santaquin is fuckin INSANE! it's just... it's fucking crazy. i don't know. we'll just have to see! i think they're maybe getting closer to in front of our house? the boys just got mad and they've been really quiet about all of it. so, maybe? haha... still ain't gonna be all done and dry by the time you get home. freak...they need to calm the fuck down!

god where the fuck am I supposed to park? that street has almost every house parking on the road as it is. bitch I hope the fuck they finish... like why is it taking them so long? that is not fast, contrary to what that man said haha like it pisses me off I can't just pull in MY driveway. LOL DAMN
Really though, it seems like it could work out really great and I really hope it does. (Kai says so his hyung doesn't have an aneurysm or whatevs LOOOL) I really do wonder how long it will take you with that tiny of an evaluation. But James srsly needs to step his game the fuck up and give you notice unless it's absolutely unforeseen.

well in front of the guy who drives truck, the one right on the corner, no one parks in front of there house at all. unless he is at home and the diesel is there. but it's not there now.
they are fucking retarded... like, they are fucking doing it on purpose. i've watched them all day and they are just doing it on purpose. it's fucking ridiculous. i can't even take their shit.

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