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Dat smile tho...

Your smile
So illuminating.  So beautiful.
So bright, I feel like I might go blind if I stare at it for too long.
So gorgeous, that I brave it and allow my eyes to linger as long as they can.
Even making an ass of myself
over and over
To be able to be graced with it
again and again...

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fuckin lj!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha i think bogs is the guard! i can't remember his damn name! i only remember that red calls him and his crew "the sisters"
"would it help if i explained to them that i'm not homosexual?"
"oh, they're not homosexual. you have to be human first"
:P haha i love that movie! and so does lu :P
hahaha for real, right?!?!?! fuck yeah! we need em! and ahhahahahahahahahahaha @freakin ryo! oh my GOD, he's too much! and why the fuck do we love tiny things so much?!?!? like WHY?!
hahahaha yeah, i get what you're saying but i don't know what the fuck you are saying it was supposed to say! just that when you did that it was code so it made something not show up and stuff! hhaha!

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