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well niichan

there's srsly no way for me to finish it before work. and wtf did i say i'm writing for? i'm totes not. jerr is. like...WHY did i say i was writing? i kinda want to, but i don't even know what to feckin write about. but...hopefully jerr will finish this cuz i'mma tell him if he don't, i finna delete it.

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haha y'all delusional!!!!!!! but it'skay cuz you're delusional about ME :) so that's fine. as long as it is to my advantage :) we coo!
hahahaha ok! good god i'm down. and also i just want to go over to trista and derrick's house and just fuckin let GO on derrick. fucking douche bag piece of shit! i text trista and told her troy's work is hiring still so... if i was her i would straight up give him an ultimatum. if nothing else is lighting a fire under his ass, you bet i'd do it, betch!
well that's good. that dumb bitch SUCKS!'s like a joke. like, someone did a fucking fan cover that shouldn't be allowed to record vocals. and I'M saying that, so....

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