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well niichan

there's srsly no way for me to finish it before work. and wtf did i say i'm writing for? i'm totes not. jerr is. like...WHY did i say i was writing? i kinda want to, but i don't even know what to feckin write about. but...hopefully jerr will finish this cuz i'mma tell him if he don't, i finna delete it.

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LOOOL don't delete Jer's thing! He's working on it and he can work on it again if he don't finish it!!!!! You give him a chance, you be nice to Jer!!!!!!! XDDDDD
I'm finna not wake up lol really I don't know what's wrong with me!
And you're so used to just lying to people that you felt the need to say YOU were writing ????? XDDDD

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